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As more consumers are looking for a flexible, transparent, and highly personalized way for paying both online and offline, Hero Plus announces its regional partnership with to offer merchants a “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment option for their consumers at the checkout.

With as a new payments partner, Hero Plus allows its consumers to maximize their personal cash flow for better management of their budget and splitting through 2/3/4 installments with no interest, no hidden fee and no transaction fee repayments. Both Hero Plus and believe that this partnership drives value by helping merchants to reach new customer segments and to help them overcome the difficulties under the aspects of customer conversion, basket size and cart abandonment.

About Hero Plus

Hero Plus is a fast-growing fintech company founded in 2021 that specializes in Buy Now Pay Later payment solution. Hero Plus strives to improve people’s cash flow and to help people in achieving their life goals by reinventing financial services through technology. For more information, please visit

Ambition and Empathy into Innovative Payment Solution

Buy Now, Pay Later

There has been a long history behind the concept of hire purchase, also known as instalment plan, which may sound more familiar to you. Instalment plan has been one of the major payment methods which allows consumers to make a contract to acquire a product and pay in instalments, but consumers must pay with interest over a period of time. Generally similar to hire purchase, there is another payment method that has become a trend in recent years and went viral in Asia, and that is “Buy Now, Pay Later”(BNPL). As it states in the name, BNPL allows consumers to pay in several instalments at a future date, where financiers will pay the merchants in full upon the purchase, and the consumer will repay the payments over time in equal instalments.

Hero Plus is one of the innovators to introduce the technology of BNPL to the Hong Kong market, and the first local BNPL startup business in Hong Kong. Combining forces with strategic partners, Hero Plus is going to bring a whole new shopping experience to consumers, both online and offline. Hero Plus allows consumers to purchase anything they need immediately, and pay in 2, 3 or 4 instalments as they wish without service fees or interest, providing them a transparent and financially responsible way to expand their spending power.

How Hero Plus Started

The globe has been suffering from the pandemic of Covid-19, not only the environment and public health, finance particularly has been struck and the damages are just as severe. Lockdowns performed by different countries, financial interactions between nations have been cut off and the unemployment rate has risen significantly throughout the globe. In such unstable financial situations, consumption in the retail market is undoubtedly affected in the first place, but soon people are starting to struggle for even simple, fundamental needs in life.

With the technology and financial knowledge of BNPL, Hero Plus believes that BNPL can bring phenomenal changes to the altered lifestyle and situations during the pandemic. Before introducing the method to the retail market, Ronald Lam, the founder and CEO of Hero Plus had his eyes on education first. In such a difficult time, life goes on and education shall not be hindered as it is a once and only experience. Parents in Hong Kong want to equip and give their children the best, by signing them up for tutorials, language, music classes and playgroup courses. The mentioned activities tend to involve more order value as parents always need to pay for months or years of fees at once, and that’s where BNPL can play its role. Hero Plus first collaborated with educational institutions, providing BNPL services for parents. With the loosened financial burden, parents can worry less, and children can explore their interests and personal traits, by joining a bigger variety of classes and courses. Not only the consumers, the merchants could also benefit from easy and simple collaboration procedures, free of installation fee and most importantly growth of business even in such hard times.


Hero Plus aims to financially empower users by offering a consumer-friendly digital payments solution, which allows consumers to purchase any products or services immediately and then pay in 2, 3 or 4 instalments without interest or service fees, and, above all, their credit scores will not be harmed. Hero Plus aims to aid consumers and merchants to shake off restrictions of traditional credit card services with the easy-to-use and new-to-Hong-Kong technology, providing another option, or more likely, a new solution.

Benefiting Consumers

It is easy to use the service of Hero Plus. Consumers just need to download the Hero Plus app and get registered, scan the QR code provided by the assigned merchant, enter the amount of purchase and choose to pay in 2, 3 or 4 instalments. Users can bind credit cards to their Hero Plus account, enjoying up to HK$32000 limit, upgradable via Premium plan. Users can also pay for products that are not lower than HK$50 in instalments, as Hero Plus aims to improve consumers’ financial flexibility, helping consumers to get through tough times, and expand their spending power just when they need to.

Benefiting Merchants

We are not focused only on consumers, but the user experience of merchant partners are just as important. Merchants that joined Hero Plus are going to enjoy several and more rights and privileges. Firstly, you don’t have to wait to get paid, merchants can enjoy up-front and in-full payments, meaning merchants will receive full payment up to front within three working days(T+3), with Hero Plus shouldering the credit risks, late payments won’t be a problem for merchants. The service and technology of BNPL motivates consumers to spend more than ever, making products affordable and being possible to take home their favourites right away can definitely boost consumptions. Moreover, with the availability of BNPL, consumers are more likely to make more purchases, reach for higher-priced products, and essentially, spend more. Last but not least, merchants can enjoy a higher retention rate with the convenience thanks to such easy-to-use technology, consumers tend to repeat purchases, especially in electronic, beauty and car rental categories.


To deliver the best financial product and purchase experience to our precious end users, we are going to select merchant partners by heart and with thoroughness. Hero Plus started by collaborating with educational institutions, and as time passes, Hero Plus now has a massive variety of strategic and merchant partners. From technology, computers, esport related products, digital products to beauty, hobby, recreational center, grocery, pet care and art workshops… The wide range of our merchant partners cover all aspects of the users’ daily lives. Not only collaborating with chained business and brands, but as a startup business ourselves, Hero Plus are more than willing to collaborate with local brands and startups. In fact there are many in the list, and we believe the list will only go longer.

Not only to stimulate consumptions, enhance financial flexibility of consumers or to boost sales and revenues of merchants, Hero Plus also aims to help users with any types and sizes of business, to realize their ambitions. With the financial flexibility provided by BNPL, we believe that we can be a boost to users in the paths to their goals.

Near Future

Hero Plus has decided to face the challenges and join the parade in Southeast Asia by expanding business to Thailand, in June this year.

Stay tuned for the information on our expansion in Thailand. Also don’t miss out on our new product that combines the BNPL payment solution with the concepts of Web3, which will be launching in Q3 this year, make sure you don’t miss a bit!

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