Hero Plus is a Buy Now Pay Later mobile app that splits your bill into four equal payments over three months. The mobile app is free to download and free to use for consumers: Hero Plus have not charges interest and service fees. After setting up your account, choose Hero Plus as a payment option when you are on a merchant’s website. You pay 1/4 of the total bill on the spot. The second payment will be due 30 days later, and the third payment will be due 60 days later, and the last payment will be due 90 days later.

For example, you are purchase a mobile phone and the price is HK$10,000, and via Hero plus to make payment. You can select to pay in 2, 3, 4 instalment and if your payment is pay in 4, then it will be HK$2,500 (Today), HK$2,500 (Days 30), HK$2,500 (Days 60) and HK$2,500 (Days 90).
1 March 2021: Pay HK$2,500 (Today)
31 March 2021: Pay HK$2,500 (Days 30)
30 April 2021: Pay HK$2,500 (Days 60)
30 May 2021: Pay HK$2,500 (Days 90)

· Must be a Hong Kong permanent resident with at least 18 years of age
· Currently reside in Hong Kong
· Mobile phone number registered under your HKID with your telecom
· Use a Hong Kong' issued bank credit card or debit card

It depends on the return and refund policy of each merchant. As long as the merchant agrees and confirms, we will process your refund immediately. If you get a full refund, all outstanding payments will be cancelled and the first payment will be refunded. If you have made the first payment, we will cancel the other three payments and refund the first payment. If using a partial refund, the refund amount will first be deducted from your next instalments payment. Your Hero Plus account will be updated to reflect the full or partial refund under the 'History'.
Full refund example: If you purchased two items, each worth HK$400, and paid the first payment HK$200, you will get a full refund of HK$200. The second, third and fourth payment will be cancelled. The refund of HK$200 will be refunded to your credit card or debit card within 7 working days.
Example of partial refund: If you purchased two items, each worth HK$400, and paid the first HK$200, but you just return (one item) and refund to the merchant, when we confirm with merchant, the total amount will be deducted from the return amount, and if there is any outstanding balance, it will berefunded to your credit card or debit card within 7 working days.
Two items: HK$800 (HK$200 x 4 payments)
First payment = HK$200 (request refund HK$100)
Second payment = HK100 (HK$100 has been deducted)
Third payment = HK$100
Fourth payment = HK$0 (cancelled)

Under normal circumstances, no, but if you are facing technical difficulties or other problems that prevent you from paying on time, though, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can provide you with the support that you need. Please contact us by email cs@heroplus.xyz

We have multiple safety firewalls via AES-256 encryption and privacy procedures established to ensure the utmost security to your shared information. For more details on our privacy policy: https://heroplus.xyz/terms/privacy_policy

Please contact our business development team: merchant@heroplus.xyz

The merchant fee is vary, based on different industries and we will customize for you. Please contact our business development team: merchant@heroplus.xyz

Business grow
Provide more ways to pay, it can help increase the sales & revenue, and increase the customer base plus encourage repeat purchases.
Don’t have to wait to get paid
After the customer obtained the goods or services, merchant will receive the full payment within three working days T+3 (from the date of purchase).
No risk to merchant
After the customer chooses to pay via Hero Plus and obtained the goods or services, merchant have completed the transaction. Regardless of whether the customer on time to pays, we will pay to merchant as scheduled. Merchant don't need to take credit risks.

We provided a dashboard (merchant version), please login and manage the transaction records. For inquiries, please contact us at merchant@heroplus.xyz

The same thing as when any other customer wants a refund – Merchant can follow your own refund policies. Once decide on whether and the refund amount, please login merchant dashboard and process the refund.